Children’s Services

Johnson City Eye Clinic and Surgery Center is the regions premier ophthalmic practice and the only practice that specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus. At the Johnson City Eye Clinic we go to great lengths to ensure that you and/or your child receive the best care possible in a patient and child centered environment.

Dr. Jeffrey Carlsen is the only fellowship trained pediatric ophthalmologist in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. He has carefully selected and trained the Johnson City Eye Clinic Pediatric team in order to better serve our younger patient population. This team of professionals includes Dr. Peter Lemkin, Johnson City Eye Clinic Optometrist who has a special interest in pediatric eye care. The Pediatric team is specially trained to work with you and your child. In order to schedule your time accordingly, please bear in mind that your visit could be approximately three hours in length.

During your visit to the Johnson City Eye Clinic you will have the opportunity to work with many of these highly specialized and trained staff. Your visit will start with our pleasant front desk staff who will assist you in the completion of your health histories and insurance paperwork. Next, you will encounter our pediatric ophthalmic technicians who will carefully review the health history and initiate visual screenings for your child. The doctor will evaluate your child’s eye alignment and vision. It will take approximately 30 to 90 minutes for the dilation medications to adequately take affect in a child’s eyes. So, please plan to spend 2/5 to 3 hours at the Clinic. You may want to bring a few toys to entertain your child or a small snack if your visit falls around lunchtime. Unlike adults, it is necessary for a child’s eyes to be dilated in order to obtain an accurate measurement for glasses or to determine if glasses will be necessary. If your child’s eyes need to be dilated, it will typically occur at this point. Upon full dilation, the doctor will complete the examination of your child. We will thoroughly discuss all findings and treatment recommendations and take time to address any concerns you may have.