Dr. Carlsen travels to Guatemala

Local Doctor Gives Gift of Healthy Vision in Guatemala

Dr. Jeff Carlsen of Johnson City Eye Center recently traveled to Guatemala on a medical missions trip. Dr. Carlsen discussed his trip in a recent interview with Tri-Cities Health & Wellness Magazine.


Was there a “most memorable” case you worked on?

My most memorable patient was a 17-year-old girl who had cataracts bilaterally, as well as diabetes. She was light perception vision when she came in and could not remember seeing at all, as she had lost her vision around age eight. She was not able to participate in her care, as she was not able to see to give herself insulin injections and was completely incapacitated. She improved from light perception vision in both eyes to 20/30 vision when we left. Having such a profound impact on vision and function in such a young individual is and was exceptionally rewarding. I do remember walking out the first night after a surgery and seeing one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, seeing her sitting on the curb, and this was a particularly moving experience.

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