Cosmetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 

Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery includes more than the typically perceived “beautification” procedures.  While some of the more common problems treated surgically include droopy brows, droopy lids, and furrows on the forehead and around the eyes; there are many other types of ophthalmic plastic surgeries that repair problems which interfere with the normal function of the eyes.  Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgeries may address problems caused by cancer or trauma such as burns, wounds or fractures.

Plastic and Reconstructive surgery offers other important therapies for specialists treating patients with thyroid-related disorders, complicated glaucoma or those patients which may have problems related to the lacrimal drainage system and the outflow of tears.  Others include those problems that may be secondary to congenital anomalies, infections, tumors, nose injuries, and sinus problems.  Yet others have orbital (eye socket) problems caused by sinus infections or tumors extending into the orbit, Graves’ disease, and fractures due to accidents or physical violence.